Welcome to the home of Kickboxing here in Scarborough North Yorkshire.


We are a friendly, local martial art club run by instructors with many years of experience in many different martial arts styles.


It is our aim at EKS to take martial arts to the next level improving fitness, confidence, self defence in a very friendly environment. Lessons vary each week so one week we might concentrate on fitness, another week self defence and another week it could get technical with fancy kicking and punching combinations or we might just mix it all up in one lesson!


The youngest age we can accept new students at is 8. Our members currently range in age from 8 to 49.  Some of our older members are actually the fittest and most technically competent so ages is no barrier to learning martial arts!


Some of the benefits include:

  • Knowing self-defense techniques can increase your self confidence and will help you defend yourself if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.
  • Done regularly, martial arts can improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle tone and strengthen the body.
  • Martial arts practice requires you to move in a way that uses your entire range of motion, which will increase your overall flexibility.
  • Consistent practice can improve mental focus, self control and self discipline.
  • It's fun!
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