Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of would be students are nervous about starting Kickboxing and they don’t know what to expect so here are a few questions and answers which we hope may help.

How much is it to join?
There is no joining or application fee. You only pay for the training. Membership is FREE.

Am I too old to start?
With Kickboxing you can start at any age. People of different ages may have different goals but everyone will definitely improve both mentally and physically. Our eldest member is 47 years old.

Do I need to get fit before starting Kickboxing?
Some people believe that they need to get fit before starting Kickboxing and these are generally the people that never join! Kickboxing will get you fit!

How often should I train every week?
Currently we hold two sessions each week. You can find the venues here.

Do I have to Fight or Spar?
While we do spar, no one is out for blood and sparring gives you a chance to practice all the fancy kicking and punching combinations that you have been learning. The level at which you spare can be agreed with your sparring partner. Naturally many students are a little hesitant at first but that changes pretty quickly and sparring is often the highlight of the lesson for a lot of students, both adults and children alike.

Is Kickboxing mainly a man's sport?
Absolutely not! Perhaps originally it was considered to be so but now the female to male ratio is very even. Men and women may have different goals when Kickboxing and both sexes can benefit in totally different ways.

Do I need to book a class?
No, just turn up to whichever class and time suits you.

What is the difference between Kickboxing and other forms of Martial Arts?
Kickboxing is a relatively new art in comparison to some of the older forms of Martial Arts and it takes the best parts of other tried and tested martial arts from various systems without being caught up in too much tradition (there are no Kata's or patterns to learn). Kickboxing is about using what works and that can vary from person to person. It allows the individual to tailor movements to suit their own body type. Kickboxing conforms to the individual instead of making the individual conform to it.

What do I need to start Kickboxing?
You will need comfortable clothes, a sweat towel, lots of water! If you find that you like Kickboxing then you might want to consider purchasing some suitable clothing, gloves and other protective gear but you don't need those to start with.


Where can I buy training wear and equipment?
Ask any of our senior members and they will point you in the right direction!

Will I be the odd one out when I start?
New students are starting all the time and they are paired up with more experienced students so you won't feel like the odd one out.

What if the class is too hard for me?
Over the first few months you will notice your fitness levels rise significantly and you will find the early lessons will be physically quite demanding but you won't be pushed too far at the start. We save that for the higher belts! 

What does a Kickboxing class consist of?
At the start of training we have a cardio based warm up to loosen the muscles followed by a stretching off session, all of which can take up to 15 minutes. After that techniques are covered including punching, kicking, blocking and moving. Strength work and body conditioning (press ups, crunches etc.) are also incorporated. Apart from the warm-up what we do after that changes with each new lesson and the great thing about Kickboxing is that there are many drills and exercises so that no two classes will feel the same.

Will my muscles get big?
Kickboxing uses your own bodyweight when training so therefore you only get as big as your frame allows. No one muscle group is worked to excess because Kickboxing is a total body workout.  In short you will tone up, not bulk up.

How long does it take to become good?
Different people take varying times to become proficient at Kickboxing. Kickboxing is easy to learn but hard to perfect. You will notice results fairly quickly but you should never get bored.

How long does it take to achieve a Black Belt?
This can depend on many things including your ability, your instructors, the facilities and the amount of classes per week you attend. Generally it takes approx. 4 years.

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