Grading Information

Here at Extreme Kickboxing Scarborough we operate the belt grading system of our governing body WAKO.


These belts are earned in the following order: Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown, Brown / Black Stripe, Black / White and Black 1st Dan.


The colour of the belts not only signifies the status of the students but they also serve to to encourage students to progress and work towards improving their power, speed, agility, fitness techniques and mental strength.


Gradings usually happen about three times a year until you reach 1st brown belt and then you have to wait a minimum of six months for your next brown belt and again a minimum of six months before you can grade to back belt / white stripe and finally a further six months before you can take your black belt grading.


As with any grading, we will only put you up for a grading if we think you are ready and ideally. The minimum sessions required is one session per week which is only one hour per week. if people have holidays we expect you to catch back up by going to another session until you are back on top. Please understand - If you have not done the minimum number of sessions required to be eligible you will not be considered for grading,


As well as demonstrating your techniques, gradings can be very physically demanding, especially as you progress up towards black belt.


What You Need to Grade

There are a few things that you need in order to be put in for your grading:


1) You must have a valid Licence (this is also insurance) from WAKO and this costs £20 for the year and the cost of the actual grading which is £15. You also need the usual cost of the lesson.


2) You must attend classes on a regular basis (at least once a week). Ideally we would like to see you attend 80% of all the lessons between gradings. Your instructor will let you know if you need more training or if you are ready to grade!


We can't over stress the importance of training on a regular basis as this will ensure that the techniques you are required to demonstrate during the grading will be second nature to you.

Please see this page for this years grading dates.

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