Club Rules

As of immediate effect, we will expect all our students to abide by the following club rules (as well as the normal rules such as showing respect to all, using appropriate language, wearing your uniform, etc.:


  1. CLASS TIMES: we expect people to be on time; please make sure you are ready to start at least 5 minutes before the lesson’s actual start time. We should turn late people away simply because if they miss the warm up they can injure themselves. We don’t want to make this a rule as sometimes being late can’t be helped, but you should give yourself more time to get to class


  1. ENTERING/LEAVING THE ROOM: to show your respect to the club, instructors and your peers, please bow upon entering and leaving the room


  1. JEWELLERY: no jewellery to be worn during lessons or grading. Exception can be made for wedding bands which will then need to be taped (plaster/masking tape, etc.) or if you’ve just had ears (or other body part) pierced and are unable to remove it yet then we will expect you to cover it up with tape until you are able to take it off for training. This is for your own safety as well as the safety of others


  1. GLASSES: ideally glasses should not be worn. If you choose to wear them during lessons because you have serious difficulty in seeing without them, then please note that you are doing so at your own risk (damage to glasses is not covered under insurance and we cannot accept responsibility). Glasses must not be worn during sparring sessions (no exceptions)


  1. UNIFORM: after you have done your first grading we expect everyone to have a full uniform and we will not grade you again until you do. The V neck top can be worn with a white t-shirt underneath and we recommend that you wash the uniform inside out at 30 degrees to prevent fading and also iron inside out

    Kids uniform (for those who can’t fit into the official uniform yet):
  • black plain joggers, not shorts!
  • black EKS t-shirt (available from Topical Print shop on St Nicholas Cliff in Scarborough – £10)


The uniform is non-negotiable and no excuse is acceptable for not wearing the correct uniform.


  1. SPARRING: only people above Yellow belt, holding a valid licence and wearing appropriate protective equipment (headguard, gumshield, gloves, groin guard [for men], sparring bra/chest guard [for women], shin pads and feet pads) and who have proved that they can use techniques, control and precision will be allowed to spar. Please see Steph if you need a licence or for further information about protective equipment (you can get some decent protective gear cheap enough – you don’t need to spend a fortune)
  • We do get students that do not want to Spar and only do kickboxing for “The Art” and being able to protect them self’s if ever needed. This is absolutely fine however we cannot put any student thought to Black Belt if they cannot Spar full contact.

    Also, see our Sparring Etiquette guide.


  • If you are wanting to grade you do need to do the minimum amount of training. There are 2 lessons a week and we grade 3 times a year. For example if we have 18 weeks between grading’s you need to do at least 18 sessions as potentially you could do 54 sessions (3x18) (we recommend you attend at least 2 sessions a week to advance your training).
  • Please note, just because you have done the required minimum number of sessions does not mean you can automatically grade (you will be ‘invited’ to grade): if we feel you are not ready and you cannot do the necessary techniques for that belt you will have to try again next time.
  • We only put students through for grading who we know can do the techniques (for their belt) however the pressure of grading can be overwhelming and make some people forgetful when it comes to it and that CANNOT happen in grading.
    Some of our child students (not all) can do the technique when shown but they need to be able to perform the technique without us showing it, only saying it.

  • If you are not grading you will not be permitted to attend that session as grading gets very busy.
  • Grading is 3 hours long up to Black Belt Junior (belt before Black).
  • You need to have a valid licence and on the day you must wear full uniform* (*see ‘UNIFORM’ section above).
  • Please note we cannot give out belts for simply turning up to a grading; you need to work hard with 100% dedication (during the lessons as well as on the grading day)! When you are doing the grading we only expect you to do up to what is on the syllabus for the belt you are going for. So, for example, if you are going for your orange belt you are expected to be able to do all the techniques from the Red, White, Yellow and Orange syllabus. Once we have finished with the Orange belt techniques we will no longer mark you, however we do expect you to do your very best and carry on as you are more than likely going to know more of the techniques anyway.
  • We have a three-strike rule, if you guard is down, if you are talking or messing around (kids) during any part of the three hours you will get strikes - 3 strikes and you will not get your belt. This rarely happens at all but we do need to make it perfectly clear; as previously mentioned, we cannot give belts out for just turning up.
  • If you are wanting to work all the way through and go for your Black Belt please note when you go for your Black Belt you will not do this at our club, it will be in Sheffield by an independent instructor who examines us.
  • You will be expected to fight FULL contact for your Black Belt – we will not put any body though for this unless they can show they can fight full contact (full protect gear) with someone of the same weight.  


  • You do need to still train at least once a week and grade like everyone else at the end of each term... this is to make sure you are progressing for your 2nd Dan.
  • You need to do 2 years full training before you can go for your 2nd Dan so that means: at least one session per week to grade. Once you have 4 grading's in a row you will then move on to the next Dan, not until.
  • As always for a Black Belt you will be expected to fight full contact.


  • We take all children under a 4 week trial basis to ensure behaviour and attention will not interrupt theirs or any other child learning. We will keep you up to date on this and obviously assess how they get on after 4 weeks and offer then a permanent position. If your child’s behaviour or attention is not to our standard they unfortunately will not be offered a permanent position.
  • We expect behaviour and attention to be at its very best from all child students, we want it to be fun for them to learn but we also need to be safe. If a child’s behaviour or attention is not what is expected the parent will be informed, a repeat of this will could mean suspension or at a last resort expelled from the club permanently.



Please note that we expect everyone to comply with these rules. They are here to ensure that nobody gets hurt and so that the club functions as any martial arts club should, i.e. showing discipline and respect.


Thank you for your support and we hope you continue enjoying your training with us!


Simon & Steph

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